Texas Medical Center

Since opening in 1945, the Texas Medical Center (TMC) has been pioneering clinical care, research, and education. As the largest medical center in the world, the TMC campus consists of renowned hospitals, academic and research organizations, universities, medical schools, nursing schools, pharmacy schools, a dental school, public health organizations, and support organizations. More than 120,000 people work in the medical center complex, handling approximately 7.2 million patient encounters each year. Under the leadership of President and CEO, Dr. Robert C. Robbins, the Texas Medical Center has aligned multi-institutional expertise to formulate five campus-wide institutions dedicated to: Health Policy, Clinical Trials, Regenerative Medicine, Genomics and Innovation. Together, these institutions will advance the Texas Medical Center as the global leader in human health and life sciences. To learn more about TMC, please visit our website at http://www.texasmedicalcenter.org.
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