In one year the world’s eyes will be on Houston during Super Bowl LI, and the accompanying festivities.
There are a number of ways to take part and support Houston’s Big Game but the most rewarding
way to feel the excitement of Super Bowl LI week is to volunteer.

The public response to join the Host Committee team as a volunteer has been outstanding, with over 28,000 people expressing an interest to volunteer. As a result, based on our expected needs we have filled our current roster of volunteers – but don’t be discouraged if you want to apply! Applications received on or after Oct. 6, 2016, will be put on a waitlist. The Host Committee is constantly evaluating needs around Super Bowl LI and will use the list as a resource if additional volunteer opportunities arise. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to sharing a great Super Bowl experience with you next year!



Have you got the time
and temperament?

Being a Houston Super Bowl Host Committee volunteer is a rewarding, yet demanding role. Here is what you need to know before you start your application:


Check your calendar, Super Bowl celebrations will be focused around January 27 – February 5th 2017. During 2016 successful applicants will be invited to attend our Houston Super Bowl LI Host Committee Recruitment Center for a face-to-face interview and applicable training sessions to be fully prepped for their role.


You must agree to be available and commit to a minimum of three 6-8 hour shifts (8-10 hours for Volunteer Team Leaders) from January 27th – February 5th and attend the mandatory Recruitment Center and Training events.


You need to be:
•   A team player (reliable, supportive, flexible)
•   Open (welcoming, friendly, empathetic)
•   Represent integrity (take responsibility to deliver, proactive)
•   Respectful (inclusive, collaborative)
•   Strive for excellence (inspiring, passionate, enthusiastic)

In addition, to help ensure the safety and security of Super Bowl LI,
all volunteer applicants must pass a background check.

If you have the right stuff, your next step is to complete
the official volunteer application form.

Next Steps

What are the next steps after you submit you application? As NFL teams get ready
for the 2016-17 season, we will similarly be building up for Super Bowl LI.


1-button2016combine & draft — february & april

We are drafting Houstonians to apply to volunteer and join
the team.
1-button2016summer — making the roster

Applicants will be invited to the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee Recruitment Center, which will include a face-to-face interview.
1-button2016training camp

After the Recruitment Center, all applications will be reviewed and conditional initial offers will be sent. Successful applicants will be invited to applicable mandatory
training sessions.
1-button2017playoffs and super bowl li

Background checks will be completed and volunteer uniform and accreditation will
be distributed.


Volunteer FAQ

01 How was my role determined?

Roles are determined based on your application, preferences, interview, and need in a specific area. We cannot guarantee everyone gets each role they requested.

02 What is the minimum amount of shifts volunteers must fulfill?

All volunteers must be willing to commit to a minimum of 3 shifts. To support the successful delivery of the event(s) please complete the entirety of your confirmed shifts.

03 When should I expect my schedule?

All schedules will be posted before the New Year.

04 I don’t like the role I was assigned. How do I get a new role?

Due to the scale of this event, we are unable to change your assignment.

05 When will we receive our uniform and credentials?

Uniforms and Credentials will be distributed in mid-January. Please continue to check your portal for information.

06 What is the Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI)?

The PDI is proprietary software which uses a person’s responses to a series of questions to generate a report which highlights their personality tendencies. Equilibria defines the results of the PDI as a person’s E-Colors. Taking the PDI is optional.

07 How do I complete the PDI?

For each group of words, you must select one word that best describes your personality and one word that least describes your personality.

08 Is this a test with a pass/fail grade?

No. Simply select the words that best describe/least describe your personality.

09 What type of computer or device can I use to complete the PDI?

Any updated Windows or Mac computer connected to the Internet will work. You can also use your updated iOS or Android devices connected to the Internet.

10 Who do I contact if I run into technical difficulties?

In the event of a technical issues taking the PDI, please reboot your computer/device and make sure you have a stable connection to the Internet. If the problem persists, please send an email to:

11 How do I obtain more information about my E-Colors?

After you complete the PDI, please watch the superstar volunteer E-Colors video. This is where you will learn how to use and leverage this great tool to create an extraordinary experience for all visitors you interact with. You will find the video on the results page of your PDI.

12 Additional Questions

Please email all inquiries to

13 Applying to be a Volunteer

• How can I sign up to Volunteer?

Please visit our website and select the “Apply to Volunteer” link and complete your registration. We recommend you take a few minutes to read all the information so you understand and meet both the criteria and time commitment.


• I don’t have my own email address, how can I apply?

There are a number of free email services available with storage, a fast and productive web interface, and can be accessed in desktop as well as mobile email programs. Examples include, Gmail, iCloud Mail, Yahoo! Mail, AIM Mail.


• What do volunteers do?

We will have a variety of volunteer opportunities, including supporting Super Bowl Central and welcoming visitors from around the world at our Houston area hotels and transportation hubs. No matter what your role, you will be representing the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee as we welcome visitors from around the world to the City of Houston.


• Why are Volunteers so important to the Houston Super Bowl LI Host Committee?

During the 10-day lead up to Super Bowl LI, we plan to welcome more than 1 million visitors to the City of Houston. Throughout this period, our volunteer team will be the first point of contact for all visitors to Houston, and are vital to ensure each guest has a great experience during their visit.


• Can I volunteer for the same role with my friend/family?

Each individual is required to complete their own application with their own unique email address. Later in the year we will ask all applicants to specify their preferences as to where and when they would like to volunteer. While we will take this information into account when assigning roles and shifts we cannot make any guarantees, due to the scale and complexity of the program, it will be the same as your family member or friend.


• How old must I be to Volunteer?

You must be 18 years of age as of Dec. 31, 2016 to volunteer. You may complete your application prior to turning 18 with a parent or guardian signed written consent waiver.


• I’ve applied to Volunteer, now what?

You should have received an email from us confirming the successful submission of your application. Within the email are instructions on how to log into your Volunteer Portal. We ask that you regularly visit your portal as we will share all the latest important information regarding the next steps, and your required actions through both this channel and direct emails to you. Successful applicants will be invited to our Houston Super Bowl Host Committee Recruitment Center for a face-to-face interview as part of the next stage.


• Why do I have to complete a background check?

The FBI requires a background check to ensure the safety and security of all our volunteers and guests.


• I am not a U.S. citizen and/nor do I live in the Houston Area. Can I still be a volunteer?

Yes, Super Bowl LI will be a 10-day celebration in Houston and will draw interest from around the country and the globe. To apply, you will need to provide either your social security number, alien registration, non-US passport number or applicable visa number.  Please note there are a number of steps you must attend in person including your face-to-face interview and applicable training sessions.

14 Selection of Volunteers

• How will I be notified if I am accepted as a volunteer?

You will be notified via email.  Please ensure that you include your most current email address during the application process

15 Time Commitment for Volunteers

• What are the dates to volunteer?

Potential volunteers will need to be available to volunteer throughout the period of Jan. 27-Feb. 5, 2017, and commit to complete a minimum of three shifts during this time.

In advance of the Super Bowl celebrations there will be opportunities to volunteer throughout 2016. When completing your application please check the relevant box so we understand your availability and desires.


• What is the time commitment to volunteer with the Houston Super Bowl LI Host Committee?

To bring together up to 10,000 volunteers to become one team for Super Bowl LI, all volunteers must:

•   Attend the Recruitment Center for your face-to-face interview
•   Attend all applicable training sessions, including Orientation Training, Role Specific and Venue Specific training.
Volunteer Team Leaders will also be required to attend their leadership training.
•   Commit to complete a minimum of 3 volunteer shifts.


• How long are volunteer shifts?

All volunteers must be willing to volunteer for a minimum of 3 shifts each approximately 6-8 hours in length.  Volunteer Team Leaders shifts will be a little longer, 8-10 hours. To support the successful delivery of the event(s) you must plan to complete the entirety of your confirmed shifts.


• Will I need to attend volunteer training?

Yes, successful applicants are required to attend all applicable training sessions, including Orientation Training, Role Specific and Venue Specific Training. Assigned Team Leaders will also be required to attend a Leadership Session. Training sessions will be held from late 2016 – January 2017. Venues for training will be confirmed at a later date.

16 Communications

• I haven’t received any emails about volunteering. What should I do?

First, add to your email contact list to ensure your server doesn’t block our emails. Then, check your SPAM email folder or Promotions folder to make sure we haven’t been banished there.

By logging into your Volunteer Portal, you can check and update the information you provided in your application form. In addition under the ‘History’ section of your dashboard you can review all communications we have sent you including email and any applicable texts.


• What is the best way to contact the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee if I have a question about volunteering?

Most questions can be answered here in the FAQs, which is the quickest way to get the answer you need and we recommend you read through these before taking the next step. However if you still don’t find an answer, please email the volunteer team at, and we will respond within five (5) business days.


• I have questions that aren’t answered by your FAQs. Can you help?

For more questions regarding Houston Super Bowl Host Committee volunteer opportunities please email

17 Volunteer roles and locations

• Where are volunteer positions located?

We will be offering positions throughout the Houston area. Most positions will be available in the period leading up to Game Day, from Jan. 27-Feb. 5, 2017.

• Can I request a certain position or will I be assigned one?

Later in the year we will provide you with the opportunity to specify your preferences as to where you would like to volunteer and in what capacity. In assigning roles and shifts in late 2016 we will seek to combine your application data with your interview information and preferences. We will work to do all we can to meet your favored choices, but due to the scale and complexity of the program we cannot make any guarantees.

• Will I have the opportunity to be inside the stadium on game day?

Neither volunteer roles nor benefits include attendance at the game or access to the stadium on game day.

18 Volunteer uniform

• Will I receive a volunteer uniform?

Yes, all Host Committee volunteers will receive an official Houston Super Bowl Host Committee volunteer uniform that is yours to wear for every shift and to keep after the events.

19 Super Bowl LI tickets

• Will volunteers be provided with Super Bowl tickets?

There will be no tickets, free or otherwise, available for volunteers.