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The Galleria

Looking for the most popular tourist attraction in Houston? The Galleria is a mixed-used, upscale mall located 10 miles west of downtown visited by 30 million visitors yearly. Locals usually refer to things being “near the Galleria Area” and due to the mall’s mammoth size, this is no surprise.

The Galleria is the largest mall in Texas and one of the largest in the United States. Modeled as a modern version of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuel II in Milan, The Galleria was designed over 40 years ago o be a destination mall anchored by upscale shops not widely found elsewhere.

Though it isn’t unusual to see visitors piling purchases into the backs of limousines, The Galleria also has a wide variety of retail stores both high fashion and casual. The complex includes two hotels, office towers, beauty salons, banks, video arcade and a post office.

The main feature of the original part of the Galleria is the full-sized ice rink. The rink was the first ever built inside of a mall. Sometimes the rink is covered and used for events. Skate rentals are available for a minimal fee.

The Galleria has numerous dining options from food court staples to casual and fine dining.

Visitor Tips

The Galleria is located near Westheimer and the 610 Loop, which is close to some of the most heavily, travelled areas in town. Traffic can be a problem if coming to this area during rush hour times of the day.

Looking to power shop? Not only does The Galleria have many upscale shops, but also there are nearby shopping complexes in the Uptown, Highland Village and River Oaks area nearby with many additional restaurants.

The Galleria offers underground, garage and valet parking. During busy times of the day, onsite parking can be difficult, and other forms of transportation may be easier.

For fine dining at the Galleria restaurants, reservations are suggested. For many visitors, it is easier for them to eat and shop at the same location and the restaurants book up quickly.

Because of the upscale selection of shops, celebrities often visit and sometimes it is hard to tell who is shopping and who is people watching. Probably a bit of both. Crowds can get large when popular, high-profile events are in town.
The different wings of the mall are pretty far away from each other given the size of the entire complex. Wanting to shop at a particular store? Check out the online map to find parking or drop off points near that section of the mall.

The Galleria
5085 Westheimer Rd
Houston, Texas 77056
(713) 622-0663

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