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Beer Can House

The late John Milkovich used to have a regular house. Through his hobby over time, he created what became known as the Beer Can House.

In 1968, Milkovisch started inlaying thousands of marbles, rocks, and metal pieces in landscaping features in his yard. Eventually, it became the entirety of his yard because he got “sick of mowing the grass.”

The origins of the house turning into a Beer Can House? Milkovisch had saved beer cans for 17 years and had stored them in his attic, garage, and his mother’s attic. He hated waste and was looking for a project to use them. After experimenting, he started using flattened beer cans as aluminum siding for both decorative and practical reasons. He claimed that the beer cans lowered his energy bills. His wife, Mary’s initial reaction to this part of the project? “I thought he had gone crazy.”
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not estimated that the house is covered with over 50,000 cans, though other estimates suggest that it is likely closer to 30,000 on the entire property.

Various beer brand cans cover the house, many that Milkovich drank, but also with contributions from Mary and his neighbors. His favorite beer? “Whatever’s on special.”

The Beer Can House is now owned by The Orange Show Center for Visionary Arts, a group whose slogan is “Celebrating the Artist in Everyone.” They have restored and maintained the Beer Can House to try to keep Milkovisch’s work intact.

Visitor Tips

The Beer Can House is open Saturday and Sundays from 12-5pm and is located in a residential neighborhood with street parking. Vistors interested in renting the space or arranging a group tour can contact the Orange Show to learn about availability and fees.

Beer Can House
222 Malone Street
Houston, Texas 77007

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