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Art Car Museum

Houston’s Art Car Parade is the first and largest in the world, celebrates the collision of art and cars. As the “Art Car Capital,” this yearly parade now hosts hundreds of cars, motorcycles, lowriders, and various mobile vehicles decked out in various of artistic expression. Over 250,000 Houstonians watch the parade in person.

The Art Car Museum, located in the Heights, is a small rotating gallery of some of these vehicles, along with a variety of contemporary art. The focus for the Museum, nicknamed the “Garage Mahal,” is the type of art rarely acknowledged in more traditional museums.

The Museum’s exterior is a reflection of this sensibility. Fashioned from scrap metal and chrome, the brutalist exterior was created by car artist David Best.

Visitor Tips

The Heights area some great dining and lunch at a nearby restaurant is a good thing to combine with a visit to the Art Car Museum.

Both the outside and inside of the museum are great places to take pictures.

Art Car Museum
140 Heights Blvd
Houston, Texas 77007
(713) 861-5526

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