Washington Corridor

Revived and Ready to Go

One of the most recently revamped areas of Houston is the Washington Corridor, offering some fun hot spots for a night out and dining as well as one of the most coveted addresses for living.

The Washington Corridor (also known as the strip and Rice Military), stretches east from Memorial Park to Downtown and over the past ten years has gone through some major renovations and improvements. The street is lined with some of Houston’s hottest dining spots and just behind the strip of restaurants and bars, you’ll see rows and rows of townhouses, as it’s one of the most popular areas for real estate in the city.

Driving down the strip you’ll see a ton of options that will catch your eye, but there are some great spots that may not be as easily seen. One of those is the Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, which considers itself a new twist on an old craft. Houston is very much into the craft brew scene, and this is just one of the local favorites. Brewery tours are open to the public, every Saturday from noon – 3p, and presale tickets are recommended thanks in part to its popularity.

If you’re into beer or just unique art, you’ll want to check out The Beer Can House. You guessed it – it’s a house made out entirely of beer cans – about 50,000 beer cans to be exact. This Houston landmark is open Saturdays and Sundays from noon – 5p, weather permitting and is about as unique as you’re picturing right now.

Another popular attraction in the area is the Memorial Park Golf Course, known as one of the best municipal courses in the nation, visited by more than 60,000 patrons each year. It’s an 18-hole public course, dating back to 1923 (with many renovations and upgrades since then).

The list of restaurants in the Washington area is pretty extensive, with flavors and menus all across the board. Some of the most unique and frequently visited include Beaver’s, a local upscale icehouse from chef Monica Pope. Aside from a delicious menu, they even offer a pretty good Happy Hour, and the community outdoor seating is a great way to meet new friends.

Benjy’s is definitely a local favorite, whether you’re in the mood for lunch, dinner or brunch, you can’t go wrong here. They have extensive and unique menus no matter which meal you decide to grace their presence with.

Laurenzo’s is another spot almost every Houstonian can vouch for, especially when it comes to their incredibly juicy prime rib. Don’t let the massive menu scare you – take a quick glance and go with your gut when ordering. The Laurenzo family has been cooking at various establishments all over Houston for three generations, so rest assured they will take good care of you.

If you’re looking for coffee, head to the far end (closer to Downtown) of Washington Avenue and check out Catalina Coffee for some of the best brew in the city. It’s a great place to start your day or recharge your batteries, but speaking of batteries, don’t bring your computer unless it’s fully charge – there are no outlets at Catalina. Talk about being present and really enjoying the city.

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