Third Ward

Beyonce, University of Houston and more

Houston’s Third Ward, just south of downtown and east of the Museum District, is probably best known because of Beyonce, who went by a new pen name: Miss Third Ward, in her self-titled visual album at the end of 2013. Beyonce is a proud Houston native, and Houston’s Third Ward is one of six original wards of the city.

As for her self-titled album, the Houston Chronicle wrote back in early 2014, “The somber, shocking visual experience begins with sunrise over the downtown skyline, but the camera quickly leaves the usual Houston landmarks. There’s no Waterwall, Astrodome or Galleria. Instead we see the Slab celebration of Houston’s car culture, the Cuney Homes housing development and, as MTV put it, “the infamous Third Ward community.” While the song’s lyrics are nominally about Beyoncé’s relationship with Jay Z, at least according to hip-hop oracle RapGenius.com, it is hard not to see echoes of the relationship between Houston’s predominately white economic power structure and the cultural capital of our black community.”

But Houston’s Third Ward, of course, is much more than Beyonce and song lyrics – it’s an integral part to Houston and the culture it represents, and it hasn’t always gotten the best rap.

Third Ward is probably the section of Houston that is most under construction right now. It is an area of Houston that many residents, businesses and politicians pay close attention to and take great pride in. It’s in such a geographically desirable area and home to so many, it’s hard not to pay attention to the area. It is a diverse section of Houston that is getting new life breathed into, thanks to many natives and all that construction.

Home to The University of Houston and Texas Southern University, the area known as Third Ward is full of history and people of various classes, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds on just about every corner.

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Bordering Third Ward is also Houston Hobby Airport, one of two international airports in Houston. The airport has recently undergone so major changes, attracting travelers from all over.

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