Baytown and The Ship Channel

History and a Unique Culture

Baytown is another one of those suburbs of Houston that is booming, and for good reason. “In the past five years, Baytown has seen a 36 percent increase in home sales and a 50 percent spike in the median sales price, to $145,000, according to the Houston Association of Realtors,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

Baytown has a lot to offer, especially in the way of raising a family, with lots of activities to do and places to eat and visit in the immediate area. Located 26 miles from Downtown Houston, Baytown shares a bay with the San Jacinto monument, which is the famous location General Sam Houston defeated Mexican General Santa Ana marking the end of the Texas Revolutionary War in 1836.

Baytown’s history is rich and well documented, but today’s Baytown is centered and dependent on industries related to oil, rubber and chemical plants. Baytown is home to ExxonMobil and Chevron and the city serves an international community through the Port of Houston and Houston Ship Channel, which reaches 1,053 ports worldwide. Pretty impressive, right?

Though not far outside of Houston’s downtown area, Baytown has a vibe and culture all its own. You can attend annual events such as Grito Fest in October, the Fireworks extravaganza and concert on July 4th or one of the numerous other events held throughout the year, such as the high school all-star Bayou Bowl, Christmas on Texas Avenue, or the Nurture Nature Festival! Relax on the patio at Yepez Vineyard, which features an adobe style winery reminiscent of the Southwest along with their handcrafted wines. Summers are filled with concerts and local performances (information via VisitBaytown.com). If you want to know more about Baytown’s history, check out this Historical Marker map to learn a thing or two about the historic city.

No visit to Baytown is complete without a stroll through Historic Texas Avenue, so be sure to add that to your list. If wine is more your thing, check out Bay Breeze Wine Trail 146, which is free (not including the wine tastings) and a unique way to learn more about the city, history and culture that makes Baytown so unique. The Trophy Barbershop is also a fan-favorite among locals and visitors alike, so take some time out to experience that while you’re in the area as well (but keep in mind that it’s closed Sundays and Mondays).

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