Host Committee

The Houston Super Bowl Host Committee is the centralized planning entity for Super Bowl LI and acts as the liaison between the NFL, City of Houston, Harris County and the local community. The Host Committee is a private non-profit 501(c)(6) Texas corporation, and is responsible for Super Bowl LI festivities and logistics.

Super Bowl LI will be a Super Bowl like no other, because Houston is like no other city. Houston doesn’t depend on its past. It looks to, and stands for, the future. It’s a modern and dynamic city renowned for its hospitality. The most diverse city in the U.S., Houston is a city with no equal.

With a ‘can-do’ attitude and an “I got here as soon as I could” pride, there is no better place to hold the biggest sporting event in the world. Houston is proud host to Super Bowl LI.

Houston Superbowl Logo Unveil

The Logo


The Houston Red represents our passion for the game and our power as Texans. The Silver is our heritage – everything from badges and buckles to skyscrapers, it represents our vision as a perennially modern Houston.


The HOUSTON word mark in our logo ties to The City With No Limits initiative by the Greater Houston Partnership.


Banners have long been used as symbols to communicate heraldry and victory. And the banners encompassing this logo do just that – they represent the victory that we’ve achieved in hosting this historic event.


The star represents our Lone Star Spirit, and the ball… well, We are Houston! We Live for Football! These two symbols are interwoven like a modern execution of barbed wire – something historically iconic that represents our traditional values.


The laces of the ball are strategically placed at the heart of the icon. We believe this game knits our community together in a way that really makes it more than a game. It’s a cultural influence.

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