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Best BBQ Around

There is no need to wonder where’s the beef when you get to Houston. Sure salads can be found on menus, but the prevailing notion among barbeque aficionados is that salad is what food eats. And Texans love being high on the food chain. Beef is king when it comes to Texas barbeque, and everyone has their go-to place for their favorite meal. Here are some of the best places that Houstonians flock to when they get the feeling for Texas comfort food.

What started as a modest BBQ food truck has now become one of Houston’s most acclaimed barbecue purveyors. Pappa Charlies Barbeque specializes in Central Texas-style barbecue, homemade sausage, and varies side favorites.

What to order: Known for some of the best brisket and sausage in Houston. Go for mac-n-cheese on the side as well.


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